Finishing and Refinishing
(Prices are for pistols only which are received in like-new condition and clean. Les Baer Custom pistols only.)

This superior state of the art finish is one of the best we’ve ever seen. It provides advanced corrosion protection, abrasion resistance, hardness, and unmatched durability. The somewhat slick feel reflects its self-lubricating characteristics. Les Baer Custom Coating uses Dupont S, a product of DuPont.

Reblue Complete Gun $250.00
Reblue Slide Only $130.00
Reblue Frame Only (with parts) $180.00
Brushed Hard Chrome, Complete Gun $380.00
Brushed Hard Chrome, Slide Only $170.00
Brushed Hard Chrome, Frame Only (with parts) $280.00
Bead Blasted Hard Chrome, Complete Gun $380.00
Bead Blasted Hard Chrome, Slide Only $170.00
Bead Blasted Hard Chrome, Frame Only (with parts) $280.00
DuPont® S Coating, Complete Gun $380.00
DuPont® S Coating, Upper Slide Assembly $190.00
DuPont® S Coating, Lower 1911 Frame Assembly $250.00