Baer 1911 "Match" Slides

5" Double serrated slide w/hidden rear leaf LBC low mount cut and dovetail front sight cut

5" Double serrated slide

6" Slide w/hidden rear leaf LBC adjustable low mount cut

Commanche length slide w/no sight cut

Flat bottom double serrated Monolith slide

Baer 1911 slides have set the standard for premium quality components. They're quality engineered with features no other 1911 slides can match:

• Precision machined from extremely high quality steel;
• Heat treated to 40 R.C.;
• Precision machined on our own state of the art CNC equipment after heat treating to prevent warpage
• Rail dimensions machined to ultra-precise, uniform specifications;
• Barrel channel is precision bored;
• Slides have 9mm firing pin holes to keep primer flow to a minimum;
• The recoil plug is machined all the way through, so there's no more drilling or reaming required to install reverse recoil plugs;
• Precision slide serrations on rear;
• Lowered ejection port;
• Cocking serrations on front of slide (optional on Commanche length slides)

Baer slides are available in the following variations and options:

• Machined steel or stainless steel;
• Standard 1911 length or shortened Commanche length;
• With or without cut for LBC low mount rear sight with hidden rear leaf;
• With double serrations, with rear serrations only or with no serrations.
• Flat bottom double serrated Monolith slide;
• Calibers: 9mm, .38 Super, 10mm, 40 S&W or .45 ACP. (Stainless slides and Commanche slides in .45 ACP only)

In a handgun, one extra inch of length means more than just being one inch closer to your target. It means dramatically increased velocity.

Les Baer Custom offers the best six-inch 1911 slides on the market. That's six inches long without compensators! Like all Baer components these match grade slides are precision machined from top grade steel. They're not
welded; they're all one-piece construction. What a great edge for a USPSA Limited Class gun, a Bullseye Wadcutter gun, or for any .45 that's expected to deliver peak performance and accuracy. 6" slides are also available in 9mm and .38 Super.