A Message From Les Baer Sr.

Dear Customer:

Most successful people know that when you find a formula that works, you really don't need to change it. Of course, it's still important to be innovative and to pursue new concepts and ideas. For more than a quarter century, Les Baer Custom has focused on equipping the most discriminating members of the firearms community with the best quality, most reliable and accurate custom 1911 pistols on the planet, as evidenced by the continued success of the five top performing bullseye competitors who comprise the Les Baer Custom Shooting Team, including Viki Henderson, Kim Radford, Kimberly Hobart Fleming, Kathy Chatterton and Theresa Meyer. And, as always, Les Baer 1911s are made right here in America's heartland.

Here's a few highlights of the Les Baer Custom product line for 2019:

• The tried and true Les Baer Custom Premier II© pistol is still the king of 1911 pistols. And with all its variations, it's still not only the flagship of our 1911 line, it continues to be the worldwide standard of excellence against which all 1911 pistols are judged. CLICK HERE for a look at the newest Premier II© model, built on our patented Monolith Heavyweight frame and finished in a beautiful and protective hard chrome finish.

• Although traditional .45 ACP is still the most popular chambering for 1911 pistols, our decision last year to broaden our offering of several optional calibers in some of our high demand models has been extremely well received. Check all the models on this websiteg to review those available in optional 9mm, .38 Super, 10mm and 40 S&W.

• Les Baer Custom has recently partnered with Gunsite Academy, Americas most prestigious shooting academy, to produce a special 1911 pistol that's truly worthy of representing the organization’s name and reputation. CLICK HERE for details.

• The rugged beauty of our 49th state is the inspiration for one of our newest models. See the exciting Kenai Special HERE.

Enjoy our 2019 catalog and enjoy our innovative products. Good shooting!

Thank you for your business,
Les Baer Sr.
Member American Handgunner 100 Club

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