A Message From Les Baer Sr.

Dear Customer:

Most successful people know that when you find a formula that works, you really don't need to change it. Of course, it's still important to be innovative and to pursue new concepts and ideas. For well over a quarter century, Les Baer Custom has focused on equipping the firearms community with the best quality, most reliable and accurate custom 1911 pistols and AR style rifles on the planet. And, as always, they are made right here in America's heartland. So we are still able to provide precision built American classics for discriminating shooters while providing jobs for American workers and supporting both our local and national economies. That formula works for us because you have continued to tell us it works for you.

So what's the big news for 2018 for Les Baer Custom? Here's a sample:

• The tried and true Les Baer Custom Premier II© 1911 pistol is still the unchallenged leader. And with all its variations and permutations, it's still not only the flagship of our 1911 line, it continues to be the worldwide standard of excellence against which all 1911 pistols are judged.

• While traditional .45 ACP is still the preferred chambering for most 1911 pistols both in the USA and abroad, we recently began offering several of our custom 1911s in additional popular chamberings including 9mm, .38 Super, 10mm and 40 S&W. We will continue offering those optional calibers in 2018. Review our entire 1911 product lines on this website.

• In 2018, we are also offering that 10mm dynamo in standard 5" length in response to our customers whose handgun requirements are more defense and duty oriented. Ask for details.

Enjoy our 2018 catalog and enjoy our innovative products. Good shooting!

Thank you for your business,
Les Baer Sr.
Member American Handgunner 100 Club

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