Baer 1911 Custom Parts

Rolo Low-Mount Adjustable Sight
This brand new sight is perhaps the most compact low-mount adjustable sight on the market. It fits the same dovetail cut as our popular LBC Adjustable Low Rear Sight, but the rear leaf requires a different cut for the rounded rear of the Rolo sight. Fully adjustable for both elevation and windage.

Rolo Low-Mount Adjustable Sight With Tritium Inserts
Our new Rolo low-mount adjustable sights are also available with tritium inserts so they become fully adjustable night sights. The illuminated tritium inserts are also an advantage in target shooting and competition because they allow you to find a sight picture faster in any lighting conditions.

Right or Left J-Style Slide Cocker
Excellent method of cocking a slide equipped with a scope mount. Machined from aluminum.

Les Baer Custom Adjustable Low Mount Rear Sight
The best adjustable sight in the world for target shooting.

LBC Adjustable Sight With Night Sights
The same LBC sights described above but with tritium inserts installed on a special leaf. Excellent for low light applications.

Baer Deluxe Fixed Combat Sight
A superior tactical style sight and a very low profile. It also incorporates a no-snag design.

Baer Deluxed Fixed Combat Sight With Fiber Optic

Baer Deluxe Fixed Combat Sight With Tritium Night Sights.


Ramped Front Sight
The same high quality front sight used on the Les Baer Premier IIc pistol. .180 high.

Fiber Optic Front Sight
Excellent light gathering capability and enhances front sight acquisition. Dovetail .330 X 65 degrees, .125 wide post, .185 high, .060 diameter. Red and green fiber optic.

Baer Dovetail Front Sight With Tritium Insert
This fully contoured and finished front sight is ready for gunsmith installation.

Baer 1911 Scope Mount
An excellent choice for mounting either a traditional scope or a dot sight on any 1911 pistol.

Baer Premium Checkered Grips
Les Baer Custom offers two exceptional sets of wood grips for 1911 pistols. Both are quality made from breathtakingly beautiful wood. (12) is checkered with a flat bottom and the housing pin is not cut out. (13) is a double-diamond pattern.

1911 Les Baer "Shooter" Pistol Grips

1911 Grip Screws
Blued or stainless.

1911 Grip Screw Bushings
Blued or stainless.

Hex Head Grip Screws For 1911
Sold in sets of four. Specify blue or stainless steel.


Baer 1911 Mag Catch
Available without button only. Steel or stainless.

Baer Mag Catch Lock
Blue only. Precision machined.

Baer Extended Ejector
Precision machined from bar stock and heat treated to strict tolerances. Specify .45 ACP Government Model, .45 ACP Commander Model, 9mm Government Model, or .38 Super Government Model.

Baer Machined Firing Pin Stop
This firing pin stop is machined from bar stock to precision tolerances. This is absolutely the best firing pin stop on the market.

1911 Pin Set
All the pins for the 1911 pistol.

1911 Hammer Strut

Baer Firing Pin
A precision made firing pin with .067 diameter that fits our own slides. Prevents the primer from flowing.

Baer Match Grade Extractor
Precision machined and heat treated. Available in .45 ACP or in .38 Super/9mm.

Baer Oversize Match Barrel Bushing
Stainless steel.

Baer Oversize Match Barrel Bushing, Commanche Size
Stainless steel.


Baer Reverse Recoil Plug
Stainless steel. (not pictured)

Baer Match Grade Barrel Links (1,2,3,4,5)
A must for a properly fitted match barrel. Machined from heat treated steel with
dimensions centered on the holes. .266, .271, .276, .281, .286.

Baer Disconnector
A quality piece of equipment for any 1911.

Baer Plunger Tube
Precision machined from bar stock. Fits all 1911s.

Baer 1911 Spring Set
All the springs necessary for your 1911. Specify recoil spring weight. Springs also available separately.

Baer Deluxe Match Commander Hammer and Sear (sold separately, not as a set) The best you'll find. Precision made with exactly the right geometry for the very best action job. Both hammer and sear are also extremely hard, as you want them, and the surfaces all have the smoothest and brightest finish possible.

Baer Beavertail Grip Safety with Pad, Blue or Stainless Steel
The perfect 1911 beavertail, made to fit your hand exactly right. It features a .250 radius cut from the pin hole. The raised pad ensures positive disengagement even if you ride your thumb on the thumb safety. The hammer fits perfectly into the notch provided. Hammer bite is all but eliminated because the wide beavertail spreads the recoil over a wide portion of your hand. Available blued or in stainless steel.

Baer Flat, Serrated Mainspring Housing
A precision made flat, serrated housing that's slightly larger than most of the standard
housings on the market. It's so well made, very little if any fitting is required to give you a "No Gap" look on your 1911. Blued or stainless.


Baer Flat, Hand Checkered Mainspring Housing
The same mainspring housing described above but with the added feature of 20 lpi checkering done completely by hand, not by machine. Blued or stainless.

Baer Speed Trigger
Slightly oversized on the trigger pad for a tighter fit on your 1911. Adjustable for overtravel and takeup.

Baer Long Match Trigger
The same as our Speed Trigger but without holes.

Baer Short Match Trigger
A perfect choice for shooters with shorter fingers or who just prefer a shorter trigger pull.

Baer Extended Ambidextrous Safety
A perfect choice for any 1911 because it's contoured to match the natural bend in your thumb. This serrated safety is a must for lefthanders or for weak-hand shooting. It can also be contoured for tactical use. Blue or stainless steel available.

Baer Checkered Slide Stop
The precise checkering on this slide stop makes it a natural for shooters. Available blued or stainless.

Baer Custom Wood Presentation Box
Identical to the special case that comes with the Baer S.R.P.©. Handsome wood box is professionally finished and Les Baer Custom is laser engraved on the lid. Now comes with glass see-through lid.The inside is padded for excellent protection, then richly lined with luxurious velvet. Double locking latches. Fits most semi-autos and revolvers.

Baer Extended Combat Safety
Some righthanded shooters will really never need an ambidextrous safety. For those shooters, this style safety is ideal. It's precision machined and available in either blued or stainless.

Baer 1911 Recoil Plug, Standard Style

Baer 1911 Recoil Rod, Standard Style

Two-Piece Checkered Mag Well
These mag wells are a great way to add extra versatility to your 1911. If you’re using your pistol both for duty/defense and for occasional competition, the two-piece design allows you to remove the bottom of the oversized mag well after a match so it’s a
better fit in a standard holster. When installed on one of our own Les Baer pistols, we’ll also bevel both the frame and the bottom of the mag well to create a huge magazine opening. They’re available in a flat style, checkered at 25 lpi, and either blued or stainless.

Baer Premium 1911 Magazines
We researched. We evaluated. We modified and made changes. After many months of experimentation, we are confident that we are now able to offer the very best 1911 magazine on the market. This is not just a re-hash of an existing magazine design. We developed completely new tooling, the very best stainless steel, and we adapted the best lip and follower designs we could find into most reliable working 1911 magazines you've ever used. The inside is as bright as a mirror and smooth as glass which allows the ammunition and the follower to glide effortlessly in the magazine tube. The base of the magazine is removable for easy cleaning. Our Premium 1911 Magazine is available in stainless steel only and just for .45 ACP. When ordering, please specify either (#50) 7-round or (#51) 8-round (both will fit Government or Commanche/Commander models) or (#52) 7-round Stinger model.