Les Baer MONOLITH .308 Semi-Auto
SWAT Model
Unique One-Piece Upper/Rail System Makes It The Most Stable Mounting System Anywhere.

(Scopes not available).

A sniper needs to be confident that his scope isn't going to move once it's adjusted... even on repeated follow-up shots. with the MIL-STD 1913 Picatinny rail system integrated into the upper receiver, the upper and mounting system on this smoking new .308 become a rock solid one-piece unit. And, since the upper and the lower are already precision machined from 7075-T6-51 and hand fit so they fit like a single unit, the scope isn't going anywhere. Like Les Baer's .308 Match and the Monolith SWAT model includes these features:

•No forward assist • LBC Carrier, Chromed • LBC Precision Bolt, Chromed • LBC Precision Extractor, Chromed • Geissele Two Stage Trigger Group • LBC Steel Gas Block With Picatinny Rail On Top • LBC Bench Rest 416R Stainless Steel 20" Barrel with Precision Cut Rifling, 1 X 10 Twist • Magpul PRS™ Stock • Special Versa Pod And Adapter • LBC Custom Grip with Extra Material Under The Trigger Guard • Integral Trigger Guard Is Bowed On The Bottom To Allow Wearing Gloves • Two (2) Twenty Round Magpul Magazines • LBC Soft Rifle Case With Pouches • DuPont S Coating On Barrel

Options: 18" or 24" barrel
Guaranteed to shoot ½” MOA! Included with each gun is a target with two five-shot
groups shot at 100 yards.


“Les Baer’s .308 Semi-Auto Match Rifle was specifically designed with the police sniper in mind and is destined to save
innocent lives. The rifle was built to withstand the hard knocks it’s bound to endure at the hands of the lucky sniper to whom it’s
Richard Nance
Guns & Ammo Magazine