Les Baer Mid-Length MONOLITH .308
Semi-Auto SWAT Model
The Same Ultra Stable One-Piece Upper/Rail System As Our Original MONOLITH SWAT Model But With A Slightly Shorter 16" Barrel.

(Scopes not available).

So you don't need a full length barrel but you do want an accurate AR rifle with the most stable scope platform available? Great news! The Mid-Length MONOLITH SWAT Model is made just for you. It still includes all the superior features of our original MONOLITH SWAT rifle...including the unique one-piece upper/rail mounting system... but we have substituted a slightly shorter 16" Bench Rest quality barrel for the 20" barrel that comes standard on the original model. It's a perfect choice for the tactical officer who might be called upon to handle either entry work or longer range shooting assignments.

No forward assist • LBC Carrier, Chromed • LBC Precision Bolt, Chromed • LBC Precision Extractor, Chromed • Geissele Two Stage Trigger Group • LBC Steel Gas Block With Picatinny Rail On Top • LBC Bench Rest 416R Stainless Steel 16" Barrel with Precision Cut Rifling, 1 X 10 Twist • Magpul PRS™ Stock • Special Versa Pod And Adapter • LBC Custom Grip with Extra Material Under The Trigger Guard • Integral Trigger Guard Is Bowed On The Bottom To Allow Wearing Gloves • Two (2) Twenty Round Magpul Magazines • LBC Soft Rifle Case With Pouches • DuPont S Coating On Barrel