Complete AR .223 M4 Upper Assembly, with Four-Way Picatinny Rail


Complete AR .223 Varmint Model Upper Assembly
The same superb upper assembly unit that we use to build our dynamic Varmint models. Comes complete with :

• LBC Machined Upper Receiver (available with or without forward assist provision)
• Picatinny Style Flat Top Rail • LBC National Match Carrier (chromed) • LBC Bolt (chromed) • LBC Extractor • LBC Precision Machined Free Float Handguard With Locking Ring • LBC Aluminum Gas Block With Picatinny Rail Top • LBC Bench Rest 416 R Stainless Steel Barrel With Precision Cut Rifling (1X9 Twist Standard, Optional Twists Available Including 1X12, 1X8, 1X7) 20” Length Standard (18”, 22” and 24” Optional) • Versa-Pod Installed • Comes with target from (2) five-shot groups fired at 100 yards • Guaranteed to shoot 1/2 MOA! Fitting might be required with most lowers.

From Les Baer Custom
Complete AR .204 Ruger Uppers, Ready To Shoot

These uppers are field tested and come with a target. Note: Some fitting with your lower might be required.

Available as:
• .204 Super Varmint Complete Upper
•.204 Supermatch Complete Upper

LBC AR .223 Uppers Receivers
These superior quality flattop receivers could only come from Les Baer Custom. They're machined to very precise tolerances. Carrier bores are all precision honed. They come with the popular Picatinny rail top and they're available with or without a provision for forward assist. Hard coat anodized. Four variations available:

• Flattop Upper With Forward Assist And Port Cover
• Flattop Upper With Provision For Forward Assist (Stripped)
• Flattop Upper Without Provision For Forward Assist, With Port Cover
• Flattop Upper Without Provision For Forward Assist (Stripped)

LBC AR .223 Lower Receivers
You've tried the rest, now try the best! Our AR style lower receiver is the best in the industry. It's precision machined and held to exacting tolerances. Every one is monographed to prevent warpage in the critical areas. Like our 1911 frames, these lowers are absolutely the best you'll ever find. This is a stripped receiver without parts. Hard coat anodized. FFL Required For Purchase!

LBC AR-.223 Lower Receiver With Geissele Two-Stage Trigger
Quality compliments quality. The same exquisite LBC lower used to build our Super Varmint model. The best quality complete lower assembly. FFL Required For Purchase!

LBC Matched Uppers & Lowers
As perfect as it gets. We'll machine each upper and lower as a matched set. We have even created special fixturing to hold them together while we're machining the pin holes. All matched sets are also specially numbered with matching numbers. Hard Coat Anodized. All sets delivered stripped and without parts except for the two pins to hold them together.


LBC AR .223 Rifle Soft Case
This is the same rifle case that we supply with our complete AR .223 rifles. It features four external pouches for
carrying magazines, a heavy duty zipper, and it's completely padded to protect your rifle. One of the finest soft rifle cases on the market.


LBC Precision Complete Bolt Assembly
A complete precision bolt - the same one used in our AR .223 rifles. Includes LBC bolt, single gas ring, extractor, ejector, XP extractor spring, pins and springs. Available chromed or blued. Also available for .264 LBC-AR™, blued only.


LBC Precision Bolts
These LBC bolts are unquestionably the best in the business. They’re precision machined and available either chrome plated or blued for .223 and blued only for .264 .LBC-AR™.

LBC Precision Chrome Plated Bolt Carrier Key
Available chromed (as shown) or Parkerized.

LBC AR .223 and .264 LBC-AR TM Extractors
These superior extractors are precision machined to exacting tolerances from bar stock, then properly heat treated and shot peened. LBC extractors are available either chrome plated or blued for .223 and blued only for .264 LBC-AR™.

McFarland Single Gas Rings
After thoroughly testing every gas ring on the market, we have determined that this gas ring is absolutely the best available for AR style bolts. Consequently, this is the only gas ring we use on all our AR .223 rifles and bolts.


LBC Bull Barrel Gas Block, With Or Without Picatinny Rail Top
Machined from premium aluminum so they're extra strong. Anodized finish. Available in the following
• .938 Gas Block With Picatinny Rail Top
• .938 Gas Block Without Rail
• .750 Gas Block Without Rail

Gas Tube
These precision made gas tubes for AR-15 or M-16 type rifles are available three ways:
• Standard length
• M-4 length
• Extended M-4 length (2" longer).
Les Baer Custom uses the extended M-4 length tubes to reduce the pressure spike on our M-4 style barrels.

NEW! Magpul PRS™ Stock For Les Baer Semi-Auto Rifles
These Magpul adjustable stocks are intended for sniper rifles but they're available for any of our precision semi-autos. Not only are they extremely comfortable, but they also feature easy, tool-less adjustments for both length of pull and cheek piece height.

A-2 Buttstock
Precision made A-2 style buttstock. No buttplate or other parts.

A-2 Buttstock, Complete Assembly
(no trap door on buttplate)
LBC now offers a complete A-2 buttstock assembly without the trapdoor on the buttplate. Comes complete with receiver extension, buffer, both buttplate screws, rear sling swivel and action spring.


AR Style Buttplate
AR style buttplate without the hole for the trap door assembly. A nice addition to any AR style rifle.

(Left) LBC Standard Style (Middle) LBC AR Grip (Right) LBC Soft Style Finger Groove Grip

AR Style Pistol Grips
Les Baer Custom offers three different quality-made pistol grips for your
AR style rifle:
• LBC Standard Style AR Grip
• LBC AR Grip With Extended Material Under The Trigger Guard
• LBC Soft Style Finger Groove Grip (available in either Ambidextrous model or Right Hand-Only model)

New! For AR-Style Rifles
Les Baer Custom Fold Down Front Sight System
Made from aircraft grade aluminum, this gas block and fold down front sight system is absolutely state of the art. It’s completely self contained for rapid fold down and rapid readiness. The system is perfect for all flattop style ARs. Two sizes available: one fits .750 barrels at the gas block area, the other fits .938 barrels at the gas block area.The fold down front sight system is perfect for both duty and defensive use. The flip-down bar folds down and locks into place, then can be ready to use with the push of a side release mechanism. The flip-up housing holds the front sight and is adjustable for elevation. (An elevation tool is supplied.) The real beauty of this fold down front arm is that it’s spring loaded, so if you knock your front sight into something, it folds down, then springs up again in a “ready” position without suffering damage. This system is perfect for anyone who chooses to mount an optic on a flattop upper. To accommodate that, the carry handle is removable and the front sight arm folds down to remove obstructions from your field of view. The carry handle is easy to re-attach after you remove your optic. Comes hard coat anodized with adjustable front sight post installed. Also includes front sight adjustment tool. (Note: When sold as an aftermarket item to attach to an existing AR rifle, this system DOES NOT include a tritium insert.)


Tactical Latch
This extended latch replaces the standard style charging handle latch and allows for easier access with either hand.

Geissele Two-Stage Trigger Group
This is the very finest two-stage trigger for AR type rifles and it's spectacular! It's very precise and fully adjustable. It's the same trigger group we install as standard equipment on our AR.

LBC Precision EDM Scope Rings For Flattop AR Rifles 1.270 Height
Imagine using the very same rings for both a 1"
and a 30mm scope! Now you can. These
precision rings are EDM cut from 4140 barstock. They feature a precision insert which is perfectly aligned for 1" scopes. By removing the inserts, you're ready to mount a 30mm scope on your flattop AR! Heat treated and EDM cut to exacting tolerances. 1.270" height rings are the perfect position for a scope mounted to a flattop AR with Picatinny rail cuts.

LBC Precision EDM Scope Rings For Flattop AR Rifles 1.500 Height
1.500 height identical to the EDM scope rings described above but they stand a little higher to afford more clearance.

This is absolutely the most "trick" bipod available for an AR style rifle because, as the name suggests, it gives you more versatility than any other product on the market. It's standard equipment on our AR .223 Super Varmint model. The unit fits most free float handguards and it features adjustable front legs that can be easily folded to the front. There's also a quick-detachable feature for the legs and a sling swivel on the main base. An excellent choice for varmint hunting or tactical use.

Long Adjustable Legs For Versa-Pod (Sold as add-ons only)
Perfect for sitting as opposed to prone shooting. These legs extend from 151/2" to 24" in 1/2increments.


Four-Position Free Float Handguard With Integral Picatinny Rail System
This brand new design is the latest state-of-the-art development for either full length or M4 AR style rifles from Les Baer Custom. Like our Free Float Handguard, this new system has its own barrel nut and locking ring which replaces the standard barrel nut and Delta ring system, and the special locking ring also allows for infinite adjustment. But, here's the exciting part: The integral four-position Picatinny rail system has four rails 90 degrees apart from each other and the top rail butts up very close to the upper receiver. So, when the system is installed, it allows the flattop of the upper to extend out from 7" to 15" from the front of the upper. Then it's possible to select either the 12:00, 3:00, 6:00 or 9:00 position. Many accessories can easily be attached to this unique system - sights, scopes, lights, even a Versa-Pod. And, because this is a free float system, it places absolutely no stress on the barrel. In front of our M4 carbines we use a special aluminum gas block and the free float system fits over the gas block. This new free float handguard system really is the ultimate in versatility and an ideal choice for tactical use. Available in 7", 81/2", 10", 11", 12", 13", 14", 15" or 16" lengths. Comes black anodized. In addition to our M4 models, this system can also be installed on our Super Varmint model rifle or our IPSC Action model rifle.


Versa-Pod Picatinny Rail Adaptor For Our Four-Position Free Float Handguard
We have had many requests to sell this adaptor separately. It comes with a palm rest and sling swivel. Fully adjustable on four-way free float handguards. (Legs sold separately, or use your own Versa-Pod legs.)

Flat Top Picatinny Rail Adaptor
This adaptor has many uses on an AR style rifle, including raising your line of sight 1/2" to clear free float handguards. It can also be used to move scopes forward or backward on flat top AR's. Huge clamping surface. Fits Picatinny rail cuts. Precision made of 4140 and fully EDM cut.


LBC Bench Rest 416-R Series Stainless Steel Match Barrels (Precision Cut Rifling) .223
Unbelievable! Les Baer Custom has once again risen to a new level of unmatched performance. We now offer the finest cut barrel on the market. We start with 416-R blanks. Then, every barrel is air gauged and internally finished by a special process. The precision cutting the of the lands and grooves virtually eliminates stress in the barrel. Barrels are righthand twist, five-groove, available in either 1 X 12, 1 X 9, 1 X 8 or 1 X 7 twists. Available in the following lengths:
• As a 16", 18", 20", 22" or 24" bull barrel (fits .938 gas block),
chambered, crowned, with barrel extension installed and gas port hole drilled.

LBC .308 Semi-Auto Barrels
The same LBC Bench Rest barrels that we sell in other popular calibers are now available in .308. They're precision cut, 1 X 10 twist, and available in 18", 20" or 24" length.

.264 LBC-AR™ And 6 X 45 Barrels
(Precision Cut Stainless Steel Barrels)

These Precision cut 416-R barrels are the same bench rest barrels we use on our custom built AR style rifles. In .264 LBC-AR™,the barrels are available in 16”, 20” or 24” length, 1 X 8 twist only. 6 X 45 barrels are available in 16”, 20” or 24” and in 1 X 8 twist (recommended for 100 grain bullets or bigger) and 1 X 9.5 twist (for smaller than 100 grain bullets).

LBC .204 Ruger AR-Style Match Stainless Barrels
The same amazing bench rest-quality .223 barrels that we use on our own half-MOA rifles are now available in .204 Ruger. Available in Varmint-style only, either 24” or 26” length, and in 1X10 twist. All other features are the same as the .223 barrels described above.

M4 Style Heavy

M4 Style Medium Weight

LBC M4 Style Heavy And Medium Weight Match Barrels
(Precision Cut Rifling)

The same superior quality as our precision cut match barrels described above, but designed specifically for M4 style rifles. Use of our extended M4 style gas blocks for use with .750 or .938 gas blocks for M4 style rifles. Use of our extended gas tube is also required. 161/4" length, available in either 1 X 12, 1 X 9, 1 X 8 or 1 X 7 twist, .223 Cal.

The same superior quality as our precision cut match barrels described above, but designed specifically for M4 style rifles. Use our extended M4 style gas blocks for use with .750 or .938 gas blocks for M4 style rifles. Use of our extended gas tube is also required. 16-1/4” length, available in either 1X12, 1X9, 1X8 or 1X7 twist. Use the medium weight barrel with .750 gas blocks and the heavy weight with .938 gas blocks.

LBC .223 Aluminum Free Float Handguard
This design features a special locking ring. It uses its own barrel nut and locking ring so it does away with the conventional barrel nut and Delta ring. Special locking ring allows for infinite adjustment for unbelievable precision. Precision machined from 7075 aluminum. Comes black anodized with barrel nut, lock ring and free float tube.