Les Baer Custom AR .223 M4 Flattop Model
(Civilian Model)
(Scopes Not Available)

With the introduction of our M4 flattop, the market for superior quality tactical and defense firearms has just been turned
upside-down! The AR .223 M4 civilian model is intended for the defense minded individual who demands uncompromising performance. It's perfectly suited to a home defense role. Many different scopes, sights and lights can be mounted on this versatile firearm. This is the finest civilian tactical rifle on the market and it's guaranteed to shoot 1/2" MOA! Included with each gun is a target with two five-shot groups shot at 100 yards.

Our Civilian M4 model includes these great features:

• LBC Precision Machined Upper & Lower Receivers (available with or without forward assist upper) • Picatinny Style Flat Top Rail • LBC Match Carrier (Chromed) • LBC Bolt (Chromed) • LBC Extractor (chromed) • Geissele Two-Stage Trigger Group • LBC Bench Rest 416 R Stainless Steel Barrel With Precision Cut Rifling (1X9 Twist Standard, Optional Twists Available Including 1X12 or 1X8) 16” Length Standard • Four-Position Free Float Handguard With Locking Ring And With Integral Picatinny Rail System (12" Long Standard) With Aluminum Gas Block Covered By Rail System • Versa-Pod installed • (1) 20-round magazine • LBC AR .223 Rifle Soft Case • Stainless Steel Barrel, coated on request.

The AR.223 M4 Flattop Model is perfectly suited for defense, SWAT units and various law enforcement applications.