Les Baer Custom Centennial Model 1911 Pistol
A fitting 100th anniversary tribute to America's favorite pistol.
Deluxe charcoal blue finish

John Browning didn't do much wrong. But when he designed the 1911 pistol, he outdid himself by creating a legend that has served many generations of Americans and has become a true icon, in the process.

2011 is the 100th anniversary year of "Old Ironsides". Les Baer Custom is honoring Browning's masterpiece with a special Centennial Model 1911. The special model has the appearance of a true collectible — including real ivory grips which are a real rarity in this day and age — but it's built on the same format as Baer's own Premier II© so it's fully capable of doing daily duty as a working pistol. In addition to the Premier II standard features (see page 8), the Centennial Model 1911 also includes:

• Rear serrated slide with the model name engraved on the slide • Deluxe charcoal blue finish • Extended tactical safety • Real ivory grips • Special presentation box • (3 eight-round stainless steel magazines)

This Centennial 1911 is a truly great pistol. And that's appropriate when you pay homage to 100 years of firearms history.

Caliber: .45 ACP